'''Marian Rivera''' ( Marian Gracia Rivera ) is a famous filipina actress working for [[GMA]]. She has starred and had a leading role for many shows, and movies. Marian Rivera was born in Spain, and was born August 12, 1984

Career Edit

Marian Rivera is a singer, actress and a commercial model. Marian Rivera also loves to Dance.

Interesting Facts Edit

Marian Rivera danced in the United States of America, when her leg was in Pain, or what we call Pilay. It was successful day.

Most of the shows she is in is with [[Ding Dong Dantes]]


Claim to Fame: Marian started ramp modeling and eventually ventured into TV commercials. Her first two were for Skin White and Sky Flakes.

Bet you didn’t know! Marian talks to her cars, and she believes they give her good luck!

Marian’s hit list:
1. Her favorite funny movie is Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle!
2. She won dance competitions in school.
3. She used to have a pet Shi Tzu, but she had to give it away because she is allergic to dogs. 4. Her comfort food is anything chocolate.

On the spot:

Why did you enter showbiz? “Actually, hindi ko inisip kahit kailan na magsho-showbiz ako, kasi alam kong sobrang hirap [dito]. Dumating na lang sa point na dinala lang ako ng kapalaran ko na dito ako dapat.”

What’s your biggest dream? “Sino ba naman ang hindi may gustong sobrang maayos ang buhay, di ba? At siguro napatunayan ko na sa sarili ko na kaya kong tumayo sa sarili kong paa na hindi ako umaasa sa kung ano mang mayroon kami. Syempre lagi kong iniisip na lahat ng bagay, hindi forever. Kaya ako, gusto ko magkabahay ako at magka-business. Para kahit anong mangyari sa akin, may fallback ako.”

Who or what is your inspiration? “Yung mga taong nakapaligid sa akin na sobrang nagtitiwala sa akin at sobrang mahal ako. Na alam kong [masaya] sila kung saan man ako nandito ngayon.”

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